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Maccaferri’s Gabions Combine Architectural and Decorative Elements


Our product was used to create one of the environments of Campinas Decor 2017

Architect Aurea Monteiro chose our gabions for her “Party Garden” creation at Campinas Decor 2017, the main show for architecture, decoration and interior landscaping in the State of Sao Paulo. She used our gabions to create a bar counter within her sophisticated composition.

Our gabions (1.00 x 0.85 x 0.40m baskets with 6×8 Galmac® 4R and PVC coating) can be seen at Campinas Decor 2017, the main show for architecture, decoration and interior landscaping of the State of Sao Paulo. They have been used by architect Aurea Monteiro to create a bar counter in her “Party Garden” environment. The architect reinterpreted our modular units by incorporating them into an external environment where these elements were incorporated into the environment.

The architect is recognized for her work taking ordinary objects and transforming them into works of art. Her other work, for example, includes bathtubs transformed into upholstered seats.

The theme of the event ‒ “Building, Decorating and Innovating: A Privilege for All” ‒ encourages such reinterpretations and sees environments being created also within containers, following the trends of sustainability, practicality and speed of assembly. Gabions are aligned with these trends because they have a low environmental impact and enable the growth of vegetation. They are increasing in popularity in many applications outside of traditional engineering!

Campinas Decor 2017 can be visited until June 18th, in the city of Campinas, 100 km North of Sao Paulo. With a total surface area of 4,000 m², Campinas Decor 2017 is exhibiting 45 indoor and outdoor environments, including suites, bathrooms, studios, lofts and terraces. Taking advantage of the wide space available, the organizers included various gardens and 11 containers.

For more information on how gabions could be used to transform your next architectural project, please contact us.

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