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Maccaferri’s Mining Solutions at Expominas 2018, Ecuador


The 11th edition of the event will bring together authorities, business people, civil society and other players involved in this sector

From April 18th to 20th, we will participate at Expominas 2018 to showcase a portfolio of solutions that have been conceived to meet the main challenges of the mining industry. Come and visit us at the “QUORUM” Convention Center, Quito, Ecuador. We will show you some cost-effective and easily-deployable solutions to improve safety of mining operations.

The mining market is always in need of geotechnical, geological and hydraulic solutions that meet their needs without interfering with the extraction process. With a global presence, Maccaferri is able to meet these needs”, said Paulo Ferretti, Maccaferri’s Marketing Coordinator.

We can offer solutions to many issues faced by mine owners: from access works and mine infrastructure through geotechnical works, to the storage and treatment of leachates and the dewatering of mining waste sludge.” Another distinctive aspect is represented by our security solutions. Mr. Ferretti also said: “Stabilization of vehicle access is essential in mining works and it can be achieved with the use of MacGrid® geogrids and Terramesh® system for reinforced soil structures”.

Within our MacRo™ range of rockfall protection systems, our dynamic barriers are a very efficient option to guarantee the safety of the extraction process and handling operations. As a matter of fact, our solution can intercept rocks at an average fall velocity of 27 m/s, supporting a weight ranging from 300 to 1400 kg.

Other solutions highlighted by Mr. Ferretti are our Reno Mattresses and gabions for preventing soil erosion. At Expominas 2018, we will also showcase those systems which are usually devoted to the mining sector but which can be used in different applications such as Landfills on soft soils, Drainage, Erosion Control, Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement and Tunnelling.

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