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International experts share their experiences and exchange views on disaster risk management

World Conference_Disaster Risk Reduction

International experts discussed recent experiences on disasters and assessed proposed solutions to promoting the contribution of engineering to disaster risk management at the 2016 World Engineering Conference

The aim of the World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is to present and discuss recent experiences on disasters and to assess proposed solutions promoting the contribution of engineering to disaster risk management. Maccaferri made a critical contribution with its proposed environmentally-friendly solutions that can help to minimize environmental impact caused by natural disasters including erosion control and rockfall.

The World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction drew attention to the losses resulting from natural disasters. Such hazards cause an undisputable threat to the economic and social development of the effected nations. The event was held from December 5th to 6th in Lima, Peru, and international experts addressed the issue of disaster risk in various parts of the world to share their experiences and exchange views illustrating, by example, the issues that are relevant to all attendees surrounding disaster risk management.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference discussed six priority topics in the presentation of technical papers:

  • Protection of essential public services—such as water, sewage, energy, transportation
  • Risks of accidents caused by climate change—Including droughts, floods, debris flows, avalanches and landslides
  • Business continuity and management plan—coordinated actions between economists and engineers to preserve economic systems
  • Planning of resilient cities—with the development of multiple risk maps and preventive security actions for areas subject to floods and tsunamis
  • Protection of essential facilities in the event of disasters—including schools and hospitals, safe buildings
  • Improvements in structural safety—use of seismic and shock absorbers

In announcing new methods of remediation, the event concluded by stating that it is necessary to promote the implementation of such methods and continue researching newer forms of innovation if we wish to help our planet thrive. It is a continuous effort in which it is essential to foster dialogue to build links between academia, government, business, financial entities and civil society. Convinced by this message, Maccaferri presented its mitigation and remediation solutions for erosion control, rockfall control, containment structures in reinforced soils and slope reinforcements, among others in the technical exhibition area of the event.

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