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The Maccaferri drainage geocomposite system scores a “home run” in Baetão Stadium.


The efficiency of the drainage geocomposite system makes activities possible on days of heavy rain and practically eliminates the need for field maintenance.

Popularly known as “Baetão,” the Giglio Portugal Pichinin stadium receives games from the Junior Football Säo Paulo Cup. The stadium is owned by the Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo. It is part of the Mayor Geraldo Faria Rodrigues Sports Center.

The site is expected to be used as the training centre for certain delegations for the Olympic Games in 2016. Thanks to its location in Greater São Paulo and improvements in the field, “Baetão” positions the city of São Bernardo do Campo on the sporting scene.

The current synthetic pitch was the alternative chosen to solve problems with the unevenness of the field, which also faced another problem: the lack of an efficient system to capture and direct rainwater. That’s when Maccaferri took to the field with the drainage geocomposite MacDrain SF (Sports Fields), scoring a real “home run.” Characterized by a light and flexible material, with a drainage core formed by a three-dimensional geotextile with more than 90% void space, the geocomposite captures and directs water in a directional flow, increasing the ability to carry out activities even in heavy rain, and reducing the costs of maintaining field quality.

The flow capacity of the MacDrain SF drainage geocomposite off 0.157 (l/s)/m as indicated in technical specifications meets the requirements of the hydraulic grade established by the slope of the pitch and the permeability of the pitch soil combination. The execution of the work with the Maccaferri geocomposite required the removal of the old grass pitch, as well as the soil layer beneath it. The granular gravel layer was placed with a surface sealant of asphalt emulsion. The MacDrain was applied on top of this layer, with the impermeable side facing down followed by the artificial pitch construction.

Silica sand was applied to the pitch in order to preserve the lawn filaments and not pose any risk to athletes.

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