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Maccaferri discusses erosion control success stories at the 8th Latin American Congress

Erosion control

Maccaferri will show successful erosion and sediment control case studies during the 8th Latin American Congress in Cartegena, Colombia.

“Embracing the soil” is the theme guiding the 8th Latin American Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control (CICES), that will take place from the 14th to 18th of August 2016, in the city of Cartagena, in Colombia. The schedule is split up into three parts:

  • the first day of the event will be dedicated to pre-congress activities, conducting various courses, with 8 hours dedicated to sediment control.
  • The Congress itself will be held from the 15th to the 17th of August. Several presentations on work involving infrastructure, development, landscaping, roads, railways, ports, airports, hydrology, geotechnical, mining, among others topics will be analysed during the Congress.
  • The last day, on August 18th , the Congress concludes its schedule with a series of field activities.

Researchers, students, specialists, builders, and specifiers attend the event and they discuss issues relevant to erosion and storm water control. The purpose of the event will be to raise awareness of the importance of protecting, repairing, stabilizing, and facilitating harmony and interaction between soil and water without causing harm to any of these elements.

A fair that run parallel to the scheduling of the 8th Congress, will be scheduled. This show will bring together companies in the geotechnical and civil engineering sector, including materials, technical equipment, systems, procedures, and supplies that contribute to remedying problems related to soil erosion.

At the event’s fair, Maccaferri will be represented by executives from its Latin American subsidiaries. The manufacturer’s team is going to present more than 100 years of experience in providing construction, geotechnical, mining, and other engineering solutions to visitors, including containment structures in reinforced soil, coastal protection, soil stabilization, landfills, mitigation of natural disasters and river control works.

Ultimately, the event will bring together researchers, students, experts, manufacturers, legislators and the community as a whole to discuss erosion. This is the most important meeting in Latin America with an emphasis on education surrounding the issue of erosion and sediment control, as well as activities related to rainwater.

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