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Learning How to Design a Gabion Wall with Maccaferri’s software

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30 engineers of the Jundiaí Prefecture had the opportunity to learn how to use our design tools in a two-day workshop

On June 6th and 7th, we organized a workshop on “How to design gabion walls” for the engineers of the Jundiaí Prefecture, state of Sao Paulo. The 30 professionals who attended were able to design retaining structures using our design software.

The workshop was led by our Technical Engineers Paulo Rocha and Gabriel Gustavo and the participants were able to carry out the design of several engineering solutions, using Maccaferri’s MacSTARS, MacRA and GawacWin software programs.

The course included:

Case histories conducted in partnership between Maccaferri and the Jundiaí Prefecture were used as examples: the channelling works along the Jundiaí and the Mato Rivers (July 9th Avenue), and the gabion retaining wall gabions of the Avenida dos Ferroviários, among others. It is hoped that there will now be an opportunity for future projects and partnerships.

MacSTARS (Maccaferri Stability Analysis of Reinforced Soils) is our design software for designing reinforced soil slopes and walls using gabions and other Maccaferri products, such as our Terramesh® and Green Terramesh®. It also enables the design of complex hybrid structures offering additional benefits of cost-effectiveness and improved buildability.

The GawacWin program has been developed to provide engineers with a rapid and efficient tool to conduct the stability analysis of gabion retaining walls. The program allows for stability checks in different situations (geometry, surcharge loads, etc.) which may occur during the design process.

The MacRA design software supports engineers in the design of hydraulic protection within channels. Bespoke cross-sections can be modelled in conjunction with the type of hydraulic erosion protection selected. The performance of the channel can be checked for unvegetated and vegetated conditions; a library of channel soil types, natural materials, soil bioengineering techniques and erosion protection materials are also included within the software database.

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