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Maccaferri contributes to the drafting process of the IGS Brazil 004 Recommendation


The material will assist in the use of geosynthetics in waste disposal areas

The International Association of Geosynthetics (IGS), through the Brazilian Chapter IGS Brazil, brought together a working group composed of professionals, organisations and companies for the drafting of the IGS Brasil IGSBR 004:2016 Recommendation, dealing with the essential parameters for the proper use of geosynthetics in slope protection and rehabilitation works, in capping and coating systems, internal drainage systems and containment systems within disposal and treatment of waste areas The IGS Brazil IGSBR 004:2016 Recommendation deals with urban, rural, industrial, and mining waste.

Maccaferri was one of the companies participating in this work, represented by its engineering professionals, Daniele Martin Ojea, Paulo Rocha and Alda Maria Cappe, who contributed to the drafting of the document. The content is structured in nine chapters, including scope, normative references, terms/definitions and representations, general aspects of the design of systems with geosynthetics, systems composition and devices with geosynthetics, various applications, general principles of dimensioning of geosynthetics, and quality specification and assurance.

In accordance with ISO 10318, the IGS Recommendation determines that the main functions of geosynthetics in waste disposal areas include the

  • formation of barriers to prevent or limit the migration of fluid, drainage collection and behavior of rain water, water groundwater and other fluids in a geosynthetic or related products system;
  • filtration: for soil retention or other particles subjected to hydrodynamic forces, allowing the passage of moving fluid through or within a geotextile or related product;
  • protection: limitation or prevention of localized damage to an element or material, through the use of a geotextile or related product; reinforcement: use of stress-strain behavior of a geogrid or related product to enhance the mechanical behavior of the soil or other building material;
  • separation: prevention of the mixture of two adjacent materials of a different nature, soil or backfill material, through the use of a geotextile or related product; surface erosion control: the use of a geotextile or related product to avoid or limit movement of soil particles or other materials on the surface.

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