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“Best Work of the Year 2015” employs Maccaferi’s MacWall, McGrid and MacTex solutions

Maccaferri road construction

Complimented by the Argentinian Road Association, the stretch of the Ruta Provincial No 15 highway uses MacWall, MacGrid and MacText solutions to overcome geotechnical challenges

The Argentinian Road Association recognized the stretch of the Ruta Provincial No 15 as “Best Work of the Year 2015” in Argentina. The stretch of road connects the city of Guanchín to the town of Chilecito, located 200 km from Rioja, the state capital of the same name. The stretch is 19km long and runs through urban and mountainous areas. It is constructed to provide a secure and modern way to drain the agricultural productions of the region and expand the prospects for tourism. Previous to the construction of the road stretch, the highway route did not allow for the traffic of heavy trucks.

The work included the construction of two bridges, and the installation of safety barriers (“Jersey” barriers) and containment structures in reinforced soils made up of Maccaferri’s:

The solutions used by Maccaferri in the Ruta Provincial No 15 project are as follows:

  • MacWall product is a system composed of interlocked structural concrete blocks that are dry-laid (do not require mortar between them). They are attractive structures and provide an aesthetically excellent alternative for urban environments, where the architectural aspect is important. In structures of more than 1.50 m in high, the system works in conjunction with reinforcements geogrids MacGrid to resist the thrusts generated by the contained soils contain. It can also turn into a system of reinforced soil.
  • MacGrid WG product range is used extensively in the construction of reinforced soil embankments, and is also used to improve low-bearing capacity of soils. MacGrid WG structurally reinforces the soil by absorbing tension within the soils, reducing differential settlements and guarantee greater stability of the soil-mass.
  • MacTex is a non-woven needle-punched geotextile made from polypropylene or polyester yarns, randomly distributed and interrelated. Its main applications include filtration, separation and protection for various types of engineering works.

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