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Argentina, Route 82: Our solutions awarded as Best Provincial Work of The Year


Our solution used for the Route 82, in Potrerillos Argentina

The route 82 is located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. Following the construction of the Potrerillos’ dam, part of this route disappeared underwater, leaving the towns of Potrerillos and Cacheuta left out. In order to repair the road connection between the two towns through the highway 82, the construction of a variant road started to connect the 130m height difference between the foot of the dam and the level of the reservoir.

The construction of this variant was divided into two stages. The first stage was completed in 2003 and the second one in 2018. The second stage that lasted 24 months comprised the construction of 3 km road with 130m height difference. This second stage required the construction of a 420m tunnel lined with FRS; 10 walls mechanically reinforced by means of our Terramesh®, with a maximum height of 25.5m; among other works of roads in zone of high mountain. Due to the complexity of the project, the Argentine Highway Association awarded this second stage the Provincial Road Works of the Year 2018.

The 10 Terramesh walls covered a total area of 6.700sqm and used 115.000sqm of MacGrid® geogrid as main reinforcement, and 13.600 sqm of MacTex® geotextile as filter. For the tunnel FRS, 230.000 kilos of Wirand FS3N fibres were used as the only reinforcement of the concrete. Terramesh allowed the constructor to use local materials and carry out the operations in a fast and safe way, by ensuring total harmony with the environment and landscape.

Our Terramesh® System elements consist of a metallic reinforcement made of double twisted wire mesh and a facing section similar to gabions, both parts made of a single element which forms the reinforcement, the base, the face and the cover of each unit. Terramesh® is made of low carbon steel wires coated by a very technologically advanced corrosion protection coating that ensures high tensile strength and low stretch levels. In addition, we should point out that our Terramesh® System can be used for the construction of external walls that are either staggered (slightly inclined at 6°) or totally vertical.

This Terramesh® System solution can also receive additional reinforcements thanks to MacGrid® Geogrids which optimize the construction of structures of great size and height. In this case, MacGrid® Geogrids increase the strength of the solution and become the primary reinforcement of the structural concept.

MacTex® is a geotextile which can be used in different applications, such as soil and ground stabilisation functions and it enables the passage of fluid used mainly in retaining walls and coatings to avoid the leakage of fines for the structure; conduction of fluids through the body of the geotextile; and limitation or prevention of damage to materials in geotechnical works. It is important to emphasize that, in most cases, geotextiles perform more than one function simultaneously.

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