Fencing and wire to industrial processing
Our wires drawn and / or galvanized are manufactured under strict quality criteria, obeying the rules to meet the industrial market in various sectors. With diversity of characteristics such as strength, hardness and surfaces are used for applications in the industrial sector.

Fencing and Wire to Agriculture
Our wires are used in the division properties, boundary areas and air cultures. The mechanical features provide flexibility to the product facilitating installation. Formed in high strength steel and coated with layers of zinc which ensures longer life.

Fencing and wire to Livestock
The wires are used in enclosures that require quality and durability. Delimitation of pastures, animal enclosures against leaks, industrial areas, public, residential, sports courts and landscaped grounds. Our products meet the requirements of the applicable Brazilian rules.

Fencing and wire to commercial use
Available in various packaging combinations are manufactured under strict quality criteria, following the strictest standards to meet the commercial market use. It is the ideal solution for resellers can be used as final or semi-finished products.

Fencing and Wire to Civil Construction
Construction building can be benefited by the use of a series of products specially designed for built-up areas. We highlight solutions for residential enclosures, industrial areas, schools, sports fields, condominiums etc. Among the solutions we kind of fence screens and wires.

Fencing and Wire to Infrastructure
The areas to be preserved or surrounded in large infrastructure projects can count on solutions that consist of fences and barbed wire screens. Private areas on large construction sites, road enclosures, preserving access in areas of infrastructure work areas.

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