Increasingly volatile seas. There are clear changes in the sea level around the world, which seem to be having an impact on the rate of coastal erosion. Additionally, recent catastrophic events (Hurricanes, tsunami and typhoons) have caused massive damage and interruption to the functioning of society. Clearly, appropriate planning and execution of coastal protection works is becoming extremely important to the communities, cities and infrastructure on our coasts.

Always searching for the appropriate solution. We offer numerous coastal protection solutions including dune reconstruction, groynes, breakwaters, seawalls and shoreline protection systems.
The appropriate solution is selected considering the characteristics of the coast, the usage or human needs and the availability of materials. It is important to also minimise any adverse effects caused by the implementation of coastal works; without this the wider consequences of the intervention could outweigh the local benefits. By combining our 30 years of coastal expertise with a broad range of products and solutions, we offer clients a range of interventions which optimize the use of materials and construction time. The product selection is the final stage in a technical solution that starts with our engagement with the client to understand the problems they are trying to overcome.

Man-made protection. Our expertise in hydraulics and erosion protection enable us to propose solutions to protect ports, jetties and harbours using breakwaters or groynes and scour protection systems to prevent erosion.

Helping nature help us. When erosion has already occurred, our solutions are often used to reinstate existing protection, including dune reconstruction and reef rehabilitation.

Specific solutions for specific challenges. Our manufacturing expertise enables the development of products to overcome specific problems; our ballasted filter mattresses is one such example, created to accurately deploy a filter layer onto the bed of the Venice lagoon during the MOSE project. This technology and know-how has led to the creation of other mattresses which can actually remediate polluted silts and materials on river and estuary beds.

Three decades of experience in oil & gas. Having served the oil and gas industry since the 1980’s we also provide pipeline protection solutions to off-shore pipes and cables. Tried and tested on many projects worldwide, our bituminous Sarmac Mattresses and Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses ballast pipes and protect them from accidental impacts.


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