Sub-grade and Pavement Drainage

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Sub-grade and Pavement Drainage


Removing water to increase performance. A track or pavement structure can be weakened by water within, beneath or adjacent to it. Removing this water can improve track bed or road pavement performance.

Recognising different requirements. Performance requirements will be different for an unbound pavement in a monsoon region, from an asphalt pavement in an area susceptible to ground frost.

Modern solutions for track and roadside trench drains. Traditional roadside trench drains using gravel filters can now be replaced with the modern alternative; MacDrain® and MacDrain® TD. These geocomposite drains, reduce excavation, backfill material volume, and costs.

Selection of an appropriate MacDrain® drainage composite is dependent upon;

  • The intended location within the pavement
  • The materials it will be in contact with
  • The drainage capacity required

Drains are typically adjacent to the highway, where rain water run off is collected in a linear ‘trench’ drain. Where groundwater is near the surface, a horizontal drainage layer, beneath the highway can remove potentially destabilising water from the road foundation layers.


Our cost-effective and technically superior solutions. Our MacDrain® range of drainage geocomposites provides a cost-effective and technically superior alternative to traditional granular drains. MacDrain® introduces a free conduit for water flow, from the adjacent soils.

We aim to optimise the solution. Geotextiles, or geomembranes, bonded to one or both sides of the core ensure filtration, separation and protection of the core. Simply, they stop the drainage core from becoming clogged by soil. By combining different geotextiles with various types of drainage core materials, our aim is to identify the most appropriate product for the specific application, in order to optimise the technical and economic needs.

Tested and quality solutions to improve performance and reduce environmental impact. With lab-tested performance and quality controlled manufacturing, MacDrain® can replace traditional gravel drainage, offering faster installation, quantifiable performance and construction cost savings. Additionally, the reduction of gravel extraction and truck movements to and from the project site serves to reduce the project’s environmental impact.