Fencing – Welded

From the older wrought iron fencing on which our business was started, to the more modern combinations of products and materials, we now provide innovative fencing systems for use in security, containment and protection.
We select from our range of fencing mesh types and supports, to identify the best combination of elements to suit the client and project needs. Common to all our fencing systems is quality, long service life and ease of construction.

Fencing – Chain Link

Our strong chain link mesh has been developed to provide quality, strength and value-for-money fencing for use in general enclosure works. Fencing durability is provided as the wire is protected with heavy duty galvanising with an optional polymer coating.
The fences are versatile and simple to install and is applicable for residential, industrial, public or sports pitch areas.
The aperture of the mesh can be selected to suit the project needs.


Developed for use in the agriculture and cultivation industries, MacFrut wires offer high performance support to developing plants.
Its mechanical characteristics provide excellent flexibility to enable simple installation and are heavily galvanised to offer a long design life.


The MacEletric been specially developed for conducting electricity and resist forces applied by enclosed animals. Its high strength prevents deterioration and reduces the maintenance costs of the fencing.
The galvanising process used in the wire actually assists in conducting electricity when compared to common wires.


FormaViva screen fencing systems provide beauty and practicality to landscaped enclosures.
They are produced with galvanised wire and PVC coated in various colours and sizes. They can be used in many low fencing situations with minimal impact on the landscape. The installation is extremely simple and versatile.


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