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13 December 2022

Let’s have a chat with Mirco Pedrazzi

We interviewed Mirco Pedrazzi, a young Corporate Controller who joined us a few months ago and is already involved in a key project for the Group’s growth.

Hi Mirco, tell us a bit about yourself, which is your current role in Officine Maccaferri?

I am now working as a Controller in the Corporate Management Control department. More specifically, I focus on two areas: financial statement analysis for our Chinese affiliates and reporting and analysis of sales and margins for the business units, with an emphasis on the geosynthetics sector.

What reasons or projects drove you to join the company at such a delicate/unprecedented time?

After gaining a bachelor’s degree in management engineering from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in Management Control, I joined Officine Maccaferri in June 2021, mostly because I was fascinated by the company environment and the work ahead of me. In fact, the challenge of streamlining a control and reporting system was a motivating factor right from the start. On top of that, Officine Maccaferri is a global company that offers interesting opportunities and an international context to interact with every day.

What was the last project you were involved in?

Since I joined the company, my work has revolved around implementing business unit reporting. From the very beginning, I have been attending a series of monthly meetings with management and business units’ heads to drive this new initiative forward.

What are your unit’s future plans?

My unit’s mission is to implement a control system that is increasingly effective for the business. At the moment, it is still in the development phase, as it involves gathering tools, skills, sharing methods and data collection, which are all time-consuming steps.

What was it like for you to join the company during the pandemic?

I cannot deny that, at first, it was difficult to adapt to a completely new working environment, particularly with remote working. Nevertheless, I was given the appropriate training and support from colleagues. It was a challenging beginning, which I managed to overcome with a lot of motivation and a few years of work experience to draw from, which were key to understand how to be of real use. Therefore, what could be a tricky situation turned out to be an interesting opportunity for development, in the end.

As the months have gone by, have you noticed an improvement in your business unit’s processes?

Yes, definitely. On the one hand, there is much more tangibility in the outputs and, on the other hand, there is more awareness of what we are communicating. This is also encouraged by the excellent collaboration between colleagues, despite the isolation and remote working.

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