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Ithmaar Development Company is developing the reclaimed island of Dilmunia on the north-eastern coast of the island of Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. The development project includes the construction of a nearly 1.5 km leisure canal (Dilmunia Grand Canal), which will be the central attraction of the island’s architectural design, including water activities, fountains, cascades, and waterfalls. Dilmunia canal is elevated few meters above the surrounding ground level, and any potential leaks may become visible and are highly undesirable. Therefore, the project foresees to waterproof the canal structure with various geosynthetic products, including several complementary watertight and drainage elements either installed inside and outside the peripheral walls. 


The construction of the Dilmunia canal is the object of an international Tender. The tender design for the waterproofing works has been developed by the engineering firm ARTELIA by specifying the following Maccaferri products for waterproofing & drainage functions. (1) Macline SDH 200 as the primary waterproofing layer inside the canal structure which will be retained at the upper perimeter by heat-seaming (welding) over an embedded anchor profile of ‘E’ locks and covered by 100 mm thick polymer reinforced concrete panels, (2) Macline N80.1 geotextile cushion layer intended to protect the geomembrane from damage during casting of the concrete panels, (3) Macline GCL W10 as the secondary liner designed to provide an additional watertight barrier against unexpected leakage, (4) Macdrain M120M as the drainage layer behind the concrete wall and (5) Macgrid WG 13S geogrid for ground improvement below bridge foundation structures. Maccaferri Middle East was involved in the design, supply, and construction assistance of the project.

Used Products

Geogrile Monoaxiale
Geogrile Monoaxiale
Geogrilele sunt utilizate, în principal, în scopuri de armare, având în vedere structura lor particulară care le permite să ofere rezistența necesară Vizualizare
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