Working to mitigate against unstable surface layers. Certain rock slopes have an unstable surface layer which often requires additional stabilisation. We offer a range of high strength mesh systems which are designed to work in conjunction with anchorages, to increase the stability of the unstable surficial layer.

Key factors to consider in limiting unstable mass displacement. With these problems, it is crucial that the mesh system selected provides high resistance with minimal deflection in order to limit the displacement of the unstable surface rock mass (typically 1-1.5m3). Important factors include:
– the stiffness or rigidity of the facing mesh
– the forces transmitted to the anchors
– the ease of installation of the mesh system

Theoretical v practical considerations. It is not possible for mesh systems, however stiff, to be a truly ‘active’ system, that is, the mesh system applying a uniformly active restraint to the whole slope face, sufficient to prevent the initial movement of loose rock. In the real world, slopes are uneven and the mobilising forces and initial movement are perpendicular to the plane of the mesh restraint system; the plane in which a mesh is least able to restrain movement. Only when the mesh has started to deflect does its capacity mobilise effectively. The stiffer (not the stronger) the product, the better able it is to resist these initial lateral forces.

Maccaferri selection of products. Our range of high strength mesh systems are highly durable surface stabilisation and rockfall protection products with a range of stiffnesses, strength (up to 300kN/m) and corrosion protection options.
– HEA Panels – high stiffness/strength steel cable panels
– Steelgrid® HR – high resistance double twist mesh reinforced with high tensile steel cables
– Rockfall protection mesh – double twist hexagonal rockfall protection mesh

Other available solutions. For global stability issues, we offer a range of other solutions (soil nailing, deep anchors etc.) to complement these surface meshes.

Meeting the highest standards of design and testing. Our mesh systems are designed and tested in accordance to the highest standards to ensure they offer the best performance whilst remaining quick and simple to install. This provides both Client and Designer an optimal balance of value and engineering.

Selecting the most appropriate solution. We provide our clients with our comprehensive technical advice to support the project at all stages. Our MacRO software assists designers in selecting the most appropriate surface stabilisation solution for their slopes.