Material and engineering support is always near. Mine owners and operators require quality geotechnical, geological and hydraulic solutions, delivered on time and installed rapidly to minimise disruption to mine productivity. We have an on-the-ground presence in 100 countries, so companies involved in mining are never far from a Maccaferri office and the engineering support available there. With over 30 factories around the world, few companies can offer material availability like us either.

A solution to every challenge. Our products and solutions can help mine owners with any kind of problem in each stage of their mine’s lifecycle.

From access and material handling infrastructure, rockfall hazard mitigation, product concentration, and leachate storage, to dewatering and site remediation, we are here to give you our solution – contact us!

Scale is not an obstacle. Although there are differences between the mining and civil engineering industries, there are also many similarities with regards to the technology we apply to solve our clients problems, albeit the forces are often greater and on a larger scale: Reinforced soil structures within tip and crusher walls may need to withstand loaded vehicles in excess of 300 tonnes; storage lagoons may contain leachate chemicals rather than storm water and horizontal drainage geocomposites support heap-leach pads rather than highways.

Making you safer and more efficient. Aside from these infrastructure solutions, we can also offer technologies which help make mines more efficient and safer; our geogrids make haul roads rut less, improving the efficiency of dump trucks and reducing maintenance grading. Our rockfall mitigation systems prevent rocks falling from cut slopes onto vehicles and infrastructure.

Helping nature return. Our experience in water control hydraulic structures and erosion protection and re-vegetation have also been useful for the rehabilitation of the local environment at the end of the life of the mine, facilitating the return of the situ to nature.

Value and environmentally friendly solutions. We endeavour to offer clients best value and environmentally friendly solutions: selecting from a wide range of products to maximise the opportunity to reuse site-won materials and drive down the carbon footprint of the solution. In some locations, we are also able to offer a turn-key installation service.
Challenges we have overcome. Regardless of the problems facing our mining clients, our engineering skill and experience help clients to overcome these often highly technical problems.

Recent successes have included:
• MacRES® reinforced soil structures with a concrete panel fascia used in tip walls in Africa
• Paralink® /Terramesh® hybrid reinforced soil buttress wall supporting a vehicle tipping area in Western Australia
• Rockfall protection embankment with over 10,000kJ absorption capacity to protect a conveyor in Peru
• Rockfall hazard drapery mesh used to mitigate risk in a mine in Canada
• Leachate lagoons lined with MacLine® in the Philippines
• Paralink® high strength geogrid reinforcement to support a storage area in Canada
• Pararib® non-flammable and emission-free geogrids restraining roof debris within coal mines.