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Snow Fencing

Maccaferri snow nets and snow fences considerably reduce the risk of avalanches. They are designed to stabilise the layer of snow at the potential avalanche conception zone, thereby preventing triggering of the avalanche.

The snow-pack exerts a force which is absorbed by the nets and transmitted to the ground by means of a system of snow fence posts and anchors. The flexibility of our snow fence system results in a reduction of the loads exerted on the structure, enabling a more efficient installation.

Our snow nets have been certified by the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanches of DAVOS, approved by the Federal Expert Commission on Avalanches and Rockfall (EKLS) and have obtained the homologation of the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU-FOEN) in March 2009.

ErdoX Snow

The ErdoX Snow structures are protection measures that are placed in the zones of avalanche initiation and stabilize the snowpack. This limits the volumes of snow that can be mobilized, reducing the overall avalanche hazard risk. The ErdoX Snow supporting structure is a modular unit with a single anchorage element. It features a cruciform facing panel structure made with steel beams which are hot dip zinc coated (EN ISO 1461:2009) and shaped to enable rapid jointing. One of the two beams is divided into two parts connected together in order to simplify the transportation of “folded units”.