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Maccaferri launches NEW Rockfall Protection Systems brochure


Maccaferri is pleased to announce the launch of its new Mac.RO Systems brochure.

With over 60 years’ experience in rockfall protection systems and natural hazard mitigation,Maccaferri offers a wide and efficient range of systems to stabilize rock faces, soil slopes and snowmasses, reducing risks to people, buildings and infrastructure. The range includes high strengthmeshes, debris flow fences, rockfall embankments and the world’s highest capacity rockfall catchfence at 8,500kJ

Maccaferri Mac.RO systems are simple and safe to install as well as being durable and effective.Developed in conjunction with contractors and tested at renown institutions, Mac.RO systems areinstalled daily worldwide to ensure the safety of people and infrastructure from rockfalls and naturalhazards.

More details are in the Mac.RO Systems brochure. Download it today!

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