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Jobsite tour for Latvian designers

Transportation Infrastructure

Maccaferri and ViaCon Latvia co-organised a 3-day visit on important Slovak highway jobsites

Latvian designers benefitted from a 3-day jobsite tour co-organised by Maccaferri and ViaCon to the D1 Hricovske Podhradie-Lietavska Lucka, the D3 Svrcinovec-Skalite and the D1 Dubna Skala-Turany motorways.

The tour focused on reinforced soil structures (Terramesh, Green Terramesh and MacRes systems), gabion retaining walls, and erosion slope protection. Most of the structures were under construction, thus offering visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with technical details and procedures directly on the jobsite.

Jobsite visits were organized for the following motorways:

For the D1 Hricovske Podhradie-Lietavska Lucka motorway project, Maccaferri delivered a MacRes reinforced soil structure featuring vertical concrete precast facing panels in combination with ParaWeb polymer geostrips for reinforcement. The main contractor STRABAG selected the MacRes system due to the advantages it offered in terms of construction speed, functionality and cost-effectiveness in comparison with traditional concrete gravity walls.

For the D3 Svrcinovec-Skalite project, we provided a reinforced soil structure for the tunnel portal “Pol’ana”. The project targeted two different tunnel locations on the D3 motorway. In the first area, two stages of gabion cladding were installed at the tunnel portal. In the second location, we provided a Terramesh reinforced soil structure.

The jobsite on the D1 Dubna Skala-Turany motorway was chosen by the organisers for its exemplary use of our MacRes system; our vertical concrete faced soil reinforcement structure which is used extensively in infrastructure, mine works and anywhere that requires a vertical faced structure capable of resisting high loads. On this jobsite, visitors also saw a combination of soil nailing and gabion retaining walls.

During the 3-day visit, Latvian participants were also introduced to the design principles required for structural stability and durability. Furthermore, technical presentations were given to shed light on the specifics of each engineering solution.

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