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Maccaferri represents a winning partner for the complex world of civil and industrial constructions. Thanks to its wide range, the Maccaferri products are the answer to the various technical demands of the sector: from drainage and protection from water and waterproofing of structures and coverings, from energy-saving to housing comfort, from steam control to issues concerning external flooring, with smart and innovative solutions.



Maccaferri, recognized worldwide for its large experience in the environmental and engineering field, has developed the Maccaferri Industry Division, offering a wide range of products for composite industrial solutions. Technology, innovation, environmental care, continuous product cost reduction, modern laboratories dedicated to R&D and quality: these are the basic foundations of the division’s industrial philosophy. Maccaferri Industry Division assists each customer with innovative and professional ideas, also providing the chance to develop custom-built products, with top-class quality and technological standards. As an example, the length, width and thickness of the supplied articles may differ, within a very wide range, depending on customers’ specific requirements.

Maccaferri custom-built hi-tech components

Maccaferri Industry Division is ready to offer to the customers qualified and continuous involvement in researching and developing, testing and producing innovative hi-tech components. Design and engineering are based on the integration of in-house technical resources (ISO 9001:2008 certification) with highly qualified external technical organizations. The range of materials offered for industrial applications is very wide, according to customer-specific requirements: three-dimensional reticular structures, with thicknesses from 1 mm to 50 mm, roll width from 5 to 4.350 mm, roll length on demand. Raw materials already tested and supplied to the market: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide.



Maccaferri BIS, thanks to its thirty-year experience in the production of drainage geocomposites used in a great variety of sectors (roads, landfills, infrastructures in general) is the first producer in the world to have introduced the concept of horizontal drainage in the realization of synthetic grass fields. Thanks to the technological development of the range of TERRADRAIN FOOTBALL drainage composites, Maccaferri BIS offers its customers specific products for all needs, both for homologated fields and for smaller fields. The range is completed by some products that can be used also in classical vertical drainage with gravel, as geotextiles and pipes.

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