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Maccaferri Gabion is a Double-Twisted “DT” wire mesh container of variable sizes uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with other similar units and filled with stone at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as mass gravity walls, channel linings, revetments, and weirs for geotechnical, hydraulic and erosion control projects.

Maccaferri gabion baskets are made from high-quality steel wire. What sets us apart is the possibility to manufacture our solutions with thicker diameters, ensuring higher mechanical performance.

The innovative protective polymeric coating PoliMac® is also applied for gabions that are to be used in more aggressive environments, or where a longer design life is required. PoliMac® is the revolutionary coating that can withstand the most aggressive environmental conditions, leading to a great performance upgrade. PoliMac® ensures:

• 12x resistance to abrasion

• 2x resistance to chemical aggressions

• 4x performance in cold weather

• 4x resistance to UV rays

With Maccaferri GAWAC 3.0, the new software developed for the design and optimization of Gabion Walls, the user will discover the GSC concept, an experimental coefficient that evaluates the long-term performance of the structure.


GSC introduces:

– Long-term performance at 120 years of service life

– Experimentally tested and numerically verified method

– Increased cost-effectivity of the design

– Significant environmental benefits

The GSC approach combined with PoliMac® coated gabions leads to a reduction of the input material for the construction of the gabion wall and up 40% savings of CO2 emissions. Indeed, gabions enhance the biodiversification and the growth of vegetation, inducing CO2 sequestration: compared to concrete walls, the emissions are reduced by 10 times.

Our gabions reduce the total cost of ownership of the solution:

• Material reduction: less stone means savings! Thanks to the GSC concept the amount of material needed to build a gabion wall is drastically reduced.

• More performance: PoliMac coating means outstanding performance in harsh conditions. It will preserve the structure, reducing maintenance costs.

• Faster installation: material reduction means easier and faster installation. An optimized design increases the production rate.

• Environment first: reduction of quarry stones means cutting the environmental burden.

Take advantage of the new design approach to reduce the environmental impact of the structure!

We provide reliable and comparable information on the environmental impacts of the product life cycle, reducing energy and material consumption: visit

Our products are also available as BIM. Our BIM Object has been validated by British Board Agreement (BBA) as being a true and fair representation of the physical product/system. BIM system reduces design time and cost and facilitates cooperation between project stakeholders.

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