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22 March: World Water Day

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Maccaferri is one of the first companies ever dealt with issues of river training works.

The World Water Day was established at the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. The decision was taken by the UN General Assembly on 22 of December 1992 and the 22nd of March has been set as World Water Day.

Water, “the white gold” as it is called, is unevenly distributed on the planet. Freshwater is the most important resource for mankind, cross-cutting all social, economic and environmental activities. It is a condition for all life on our planet, an enabling or limiting factor for any social and technological development, a possible source of welfare or misery, cooperation or conflict.

To achieve water security, we must protect vulnerable water systems, mitigate the impacts of water-related hazards such as floods and droughts, safeguard access to water functions and services and manage water resources in an integrated and equitable manner.

Maccaferri Hellas works to build the scientific knowledge base to help manage our country‘s water resources in a sustainable way. As meanders or islands in rivers have always been favorite sites for human habitations in order to take advantage of the availability of water and fertile land for farming, a relationship between human and the river began and has been developing ever since. Channel linings, bank protections, weirs and groynes are some of our promoted solution for river training works, while gabions and Reno mattresses are the most common of our products used for these solutions.

However, we must not forget that a natural watercourse is a living entity in continual development that should be protected, as far as possible. On this, we have the relevant know-how and the expertise to help the designers and the contractors by providing them with not only tailor made solutions, but also with cost effective and environmentally friendly results.

To learn more about our river training works and the solutions we advise, please contact us now.

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