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Work begins on Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline using Maccaferri gabions

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Trans-Adriatic Pipeline using Maccaferri gabions will facilitate natural gas supply to Southeast Europe

The new Trans Adriatic Pipeline under construction in Greece is using Maccaferri’s gabion units for environmental protection. The pipeline will facilitate natural gas supply to several countries in Southeast Europe and will be 878km long.

At the end of 2016, the first phase of the road infrastructure rehabilitation works was completed at the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Albania. This phase included 58km of access roads, the construction of two bridges and the renovation of 40 bridges.

Gener 2 sh.p.k and Sicilsaldo S.p.A are the two key contractors for this environmental protection project.

TAP Project Director for Albania, Karl Roberts said that despite the difficulties such as the complex topography with elevations up to 1800m, the works were completed on time, within budget and to a high technical standard.

The second phase of works will focus on an approximately 120km stretch of road and be completed by Spiecapag, which is TAP’s contractor for design, procurement and construction of the pipeline.

The TAP will transport natural gas from the large deposit of Shah Deniz II in Azerbaijan to Europe. The 878km pipeline will connect with the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline at the Greek, Turkish borders and it will cross through Greece, Albania, the Adriatic Sea, finally reaching onshore in South Italy.

It will facilitate natural gas supply to several countries in Southeast Europe including Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia. Once installed on the coast of Italy the TAP will offer many opportunities for further transportation of Caspian natural gas to some of the biggest European markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Maccaferri Greece has already supplied gabions for the TAP’s construction phases in Greece and in the Alexandroupolis region.

We have helped the designers and engineers on the project, using our gabions to overcome the geotechnical problems encountered including retaining walls and erosion protection.

Stay tuned to the progress of the TAP project as the installation of the pipeline in Greece continues.

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