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Use of Geosynthetics in Landfills

Use of Geosynthetics in Landfills - Maccaferri Greece

Nowadays, it has become more and more necessary to use geosynthetics in construction of uncontrolled waste disposal projects and Municipal Waste Landfills.

With the use of geosynthetics, instead of natural materials, we can reduce construction cost on one hand and one the other to provide greater security of the project by reducing the risk of construction failures.

We could summarize geosynthetics concerning the construction of landfills and their restoration (after the deposition of waste) in the following:

1. Use of geogrids (MACGRID WG-PARAPRODUCTS) to enhance and increase the bearing capacity of soil material at the landfill’s base (Base barrier system)

2. Use of TERRAMESH SYSTEM and TERRAMESH GREEN for the construction of reinforced soil – waste embankments which may needed (e.g to increase the slope angle)

3. Use of Geosynthetic clay liners (MACLINE GCL) for waterproofing the base barrier system but also for capping.

4. Use of Geomembranes HDPE (MACLINE) for waterproofing the base barrier system but also for the capping.

5. Use of Geotextiles— MACTEX) for separation but also for geomembrane protection when needed.

6. Use of Geosynthetic Drainage Composite (MACDRAIN) for draining leachate in the base barrier system and rainwater at capping. Moreover for capping, geosynthetic drainage composites are used to collect the biogas, and are placed just before the waterproofing layer.

7. Use of three dimensional geomats (MACMAT R) for erosion control in capping.

All these geosynthetics are certified on the basis of EU regulations.

Maccaferri operates worldwide in the field of geosynthetics and becomes a leader in this field by having specialized technical advisors. So we can recommend solutions and applications that include all geosynthetics in roads, landfills, water reservoirs etc.

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