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Maccaferri’s solutions for hydraulic works and erosion control

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Maccaferri is a world leading company for hydraulic works and erosion control solutions.

Many towns and cities we know today have been inhabited from ancient times. Rivers or islands have always been favourite sites for habitation in order to take advantage of the availability of water and of fertile land for farming. With the development of industry, communication routes were required for trade and social exchange.

Today it is difficult to ignore flooding problems but we must not forget that a natural watercourse is a living entity in continual development that should be protected.

Solutions given for hydraulic works must address the obvious problems, avoiding both technical and ethical mistakes. So the solution must on the one hand supply the immediately required stabilization and on the other promote a positive evolution of the ecosystem created by hydraulic works.

In order to provide such solutions Maccaferri has promoted laboratory and field researches, on the basis of which, a series of specific software have been created such as MACRA 1 and MACRA 2.

With the help of these softwares, our engineers are able to provide tailor made solutions depending on the needs of each project. We are able to provide solutions that include longitudinal structures, channelisation, revetments, bank stabilisation using gabion gravity structures or reinforced soil structures, gabion weirs and groynes.

We have been traveling all over the country presenting our solutions for river training works in order to investigate and help with problems that may have occurred. Many presentations have been made to date in order to provide our know how and our experience in this field.

Our engineers can advise you of the design methodology (limit velocity approach or shear stress approach) for successful applications.

In case you face such problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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