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Soil stabilization application for the New Kasteli Airport Tender

Kasteli Airport

A new tender is soon due according to the Minister of Public Works.

The Greek Ministry of Public Works has finally announced that the new Kasteli Airport tender will be held on 23rd of February 2016. As we have been waiting this project for about 3 years, Maccaferri Hellas now hopes that the tender will actually be launched.

This project will exceed 850 million euros as well as being one of the most important projects for 2016, along with the 3 major highways (Olympia Odos, Ionia Odos and E 65) in Greece.

Maccaferri Hellas is already in touch with the contractors that are going to participate in the tender. Moreover, being amongst the major operators in the country, our contractors have thorough knowledge of our wide range of products, solutions and applications.

More specifically and ahead of the tender, we proposed our advertising video from Sikkim airport (India) to them, which shows the deployment of our soil stabilization applications based on Paramesh System (Paralink geogrids, Terramesh System and Green Terramesh), in addition to works at Wroclaw Airport in Poland, in which our Polish colleagues have been using Roadmesh, one of our asphalt pavements reinforcement products.

This reinforced soil application deployed in India reached 80 m height and is considered one of the highest reinforced embankments in the world.

Moreover, in Wroclaw Airport, Roadmesh was used to reinforce the airplane parking lot, as it helps to decrease the rutting and cracking phenomena while increasing the durability of the pavement. In conclusion, by using Roadmesh we can significantly increase the time for maintenance (this depends on the application, the pavement situation and multiple other factors) or reduce the thickness of the pavement (a cost saving solution).

We have the relevant know-how and the expertise to help the designers and the contractors by providing them with not only tailor made solutions for their project but also with cost effective and environmentally friendly results.

To learn more about our soil stabilization and asphalt pavements reinforcement, please contact us now.

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