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Combined Products Help Optimise Slope protection in Edessa


Our combined solution ‒ including a rockfall drapery system, reinforced embankments and an erosion control geomat ‒ has been successfully installed in Edessa

We have supplied several materials for the completion of a project in Edessa which started in the winter of 2015. A slope along the South detour of Edessa faced significant erosion and landslide problems. Some rockfall events had also occurred in the area. Maccaferri worked closely with the designer and contractor to secure the slope, being involved in the design, supply and installation phases.

The local authorities of Edessa and the Prefecture of Central Macedonia awarded the design to Mr. Nikolao Tsatso from Geognosi, a designing company based in Thessaloniki.

After a public tender procedure, the contractor Afoi Kairidis SA started the construction at the end of 2015.

Several of our products were used in this project, which was successfully completed in the winter of 2016: MacMat® 8.1 was used for erosion control, MacGrid® WG08 to build a gabion faced reinforced embankment to prevent landslides, and Steelgrid® BO 200 as secured drapery system to prevent some small rockfall events.

We took a partnership approach to this project, supporting the local authorities during the design phase and assisting the contractor during the installation of our products. Our engineers were in close cooperation with them in order to provide a high level of service and achieve the best possible results.

The reinforced embankment was built with geogrids and gabion facing. The geogrid used was MacGrid® WG08, a high strength polyester geogrid encased in a durable polymer sheath (primary reinforcement), vertically spaced 1 m or more in some cases depending upon the design.

For this project, over 900 m² of Steelgrid® BO 200, nearly 17,000 m² of MacGrid® WG08 and almost 8,000 m² of MacMat® 8.1 were used.

For more information about this project, you can download our case history here.

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