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Solution-focused seminars prove popular with engineers from Attica Prefectures


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On March 9th, we held a seminar for the executives and the engineers of the Ministry of Infrastructure Design Department at the Ministry venue in Athens. Topics covered included our technical solutions for asphalt pavement reinforcement, hydraulic works and reinforced soil walls. Such technical seminars can be organized upon request.

We have the technical expertise, experience and the appropriate software to assist designers with pavement reinforcement, hydraulic works and reinforced soil wall issues, providing them with high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Because we are more than just a supplier. We strive to be a technical reference, solving our client’s problems through innovation, collaboration and best-value environmental solutions.

The engineers attending the seminar showed a strong interest in our technical solutions, since asphalt pavement rehabilitation problems are very frequent in all Greek Prefectures. In particular, the Western region of the Attica Prefecture were recently affected by heavy flooding which lead to a significant loss of properties but most importantly had a heavy toll in human lives.

Our technical solutions for asphalt pavement reinforcement include high-quality products such as: Road Mesh®, our steel wire mesh for the reinforcement of asphalt layers; MacGrid® AR fiberglass geogrids; MacGrid® WG and MacGrid® EG geogrids for soil reinforcement; MacDrain® W drainage systems.

Maccaferri’s expertise in hydraulic works started in the 1890s and we now possess a solid expertise in the protection and training of rivers and streams with high-quality products such as our Double Twist wire mesh range (including gabions, Reno Mattresses, Terramesh® and Green Terramesh® Systems for reinforced soil structures) and our erosion control geomat MacMat®.

These are the main components and reliable solutions of any river works structure such as weirs, groynes, sills and energy dissipation basins.

Furthermore, our FlexMac® DT is a rapidly deployable barrier which can be used to protect against rising water in emergency anti-flooding works.

Our innovative solutions for reinforced soil walls include Terramesh®, Green Terramesh® and Paramesh (Terramesh® + ParaGrid® geogrids) Systems for Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls. These use our high-performance geogrids, among the most tried and tested in the world offering a 120 year design life, such as ParaLink® and ParaGrid®.

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