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Safety improvement on access road to Grammatiko landfill in the Municipality of Marathon – Attica


Our barrier and mesh protection systems set to keep people and vehicles safe from harm caused by debris flows and falling rocks

We recently undertook to supply our rockfall protection systems to make the access road to the Grammatiko landfill safer for residents, tourists and vehicles. The region is very popular during the summer due to historical and archaeological interest, and also for its sports and tourist facilities and infrastructures. The high energy absorption HEA PANEL grids of our Mac.RO™ Systems product range in conjunction with the dynamic rockfall barriers are set to protect the road from any rockfalls and debris flows.

The protective systems for rockfall and natural hazards mitigation are essential elements for achieving safety on roads and infrastructure networks in the Attica Prefecture. Common geotechnical failures in slopes, such as rockfall and debris flow, may occur due to explosions that were conducted to create the access road. Moreover, the access road to the Grammatiko landfill carries heavy traffic with the frequent transit of waste trucks.

MESOGEOS SA company is responsible for the landfill construction and its access roads. The technical study of this project was commissioned to IONIA LABS, who were assisted by our technical department’s specialized engineers. Together they developed a technically and economically viable solution for rockfall protection. The solution included our high energy absorption grids HEA PANEL 300×300 – 10/10 in conjunction with the dynamic rockfall barrier RB 750 with absorption capacity up to 750 kJ.

The HEA PANEL 300×300 – 10/10 is a fully anchored mesh panel made of heavily galvanized steel wire ropes with a tensile strength of 1770 kN/mm2, D10mm and a 10mm selvedge wire rope. The characteristic double knot on the wire loops offers high strength with low elongation and a reliable connection between the wire ropes.

The dynamic rockfall protection barrier RB 750 has a high residual height after impact and low deformation in accordance with the ETAG 027, making it one of the best barriers with Energy Class 2 on the market.

For this project we will be supplying 5.058 m2 of HEA PANEL 300×300, and 1.050m2 of the RB 750 dynamic rockfall barrier, which will be easily installed by the contractor in cooperation with our engineers and by using our detailed installation manual.

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