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Safety is improved on the main access road to Evia Island

rockfall protection

Our rockfall protection system will protect both pedestrians and vehicles from debris flows and falling rocks

We have recently supplied our rockfall protection systems to make the access road to the Edipsos village safer for inhabitants and tourists on the Evia Island. Our Steelgrid® BO 300 secured drapery mesh and rockfall dynamic barriers will protect the road from debris flows and falling rocks.

On the Island of Evia, rockfall protection and natural hazard mitigation are key elements in the security and safety of roads and infrastructure networks. A series of failures, including landslides and rockfalls, represent an elevated risk to vehicles in many areas of this Aegean Sea island, one of which concerns the provincial road leading to Edipsos village.

Niovi SA, the contractor in charge of securing this section of road, requested our technical services to develop a suitable and cost-effective rockfall system. Our solution included a secured drapery system using Steelgrid® BO 300 and RB 1000, a rockfall dynamic barrier designed to catch falling rocks, with energy absorption capacity up to 1,000 kJ.

Steelgrid® BO is an engineered combination of Double Twist steel wire mesh and high tensile (1770N/mm²) wire ropes in a single, easy to install product. The presence of the steel cables woven within the mesh during manufacturing enables better stress distribution in the upper longitudinal cables and reduced strain to the system. The mesh offers high stiffness, high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation.

RB 1000 rockfall barrier is a barrier with high post-impact residual height and low maximum deformation, which makes it one of the best rockfall barriers on the market in Energy Class 3 according to ETAG 027.

For this project, we provided 1,656m² of Steelgrid® BO 300 and 450m² of RB 1000 which were easily installed with our on-site technical support.

For more information about this project, download our case history.

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