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Three new Rockfall Protection Projects with Our Steelgrid®


Our high strength mesh is currently being installed to protect road and railway infrastructure in three different locations across the country

We are currently implementing rockfall hazard mitigation measures in the Greek prefectures of Attica, Crete, and Argolida. The local authorities acknowledged our technical expertise and use of high-quality products and commissioned us three new orders of our Steelgrid® high strength mesh system, which are being executed at the moment. Our clients are particularly happy with our engineering support and pace of work at safeguarding lives and properties against rockfall hazards.

Rockfall protection systems are key elements in the design and maintenance of road and rail infrastructure networks because of their direct impact on safety. After presenting our solution which we designed with our MacRo software along with our technical expertise, service and quality products, the local authorities awarded us three new orders for Steelgrid® MO and Steelgrid® HR to be used in three different locations – Attica, Crete, and Argolida Prefectures. Our plan for these three new orders is to reduce to the barest minimum the environmental hazards posed by rockfall on human lives and properties.

To successfully carry out these project, we started by understanding the natural hazard that these parts of Greece were facing and then selecting the system that is most appropriate and cost-effective.

We understand the need to make a clear distinction between ‘surface’ protection systems and the projects with the aim of stabilizing rocky slopes with stability issues. These are implemented using a combination of steel meshes, ropes, steel panels and anchors.

Accordingly, we designed rockfall mitigation systems, which can only act on the surface portion of the slope or deep within the rock mass to stabilise large parts or the whole slope.

We are working with scaling (light), (secured or simple) drapery, and localized bolts. We decided to make use of simple drapery for Argolida Prefectures, and secured drapery (Steelgrid® HR and Anchors) for Crete and Attica.

Our client is happy with the pace of work and our effort at safeguarding lives and properties.

The case histories will be available upon completion of the projects.

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