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Road Network Protection of Santorini Island: ¨Slope Stabilization in the Port of Athinio and Teleferik¨

Road Network Protection of Santorini Island - Maccaferri - Greece

Due to the extremely “specific” volcanic geology of Santorini island (mainly volcanic formations, limestone, slate and pumice), a very beautiful natural landscape has been created which is extremely tourist attractive. This means that every summer the number of the visitors is ever growing (in 2013 it was more than 1,8 million).

Due to these “difficult geological conditions” rockfall problems have often occurred on the island. This created the need for Local Authorities to protect residents and tourists visiting the island. So two important projects for the island municipality will be completed soon. The first one concerning road network protection from the Port of Athinio to the Town of Fira and the second one covering the wider area of the Funicular from the Town of Fira to the Old Port of Fira.

A join venture of construction companies “Ampatzis-Stomachopoulos SA, Komvos 4 SA and Praxis SA” undertook the construction of this demanding project. EGNATIA SA is the supervisor of these projects. The project is constructed based on the study prepared by the National and Kapodistrial University of Athens, coordinated by Professor of the Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology Mr. Euthimios Lekkas. The project funding comes from local entities.

Maccaferri Hellas undertook the supply of the materials and the necessary technical support to the manufacturer for the complex scenarios of the project which have until now encountered.

The object of the works included the installation of the barriers RMC 050A (500 kJ) , RMC 100A (1000 kJ),   RMC 200A (2000 kJ) at different heights, high strength mesh STEELGRID HR 30 and high strength – low stiffness cable meshes HEA PANELS, in inaccessible areas and several of times without any kind of access.

However, assisted by experienced climbers, who created access to these areas, the project is heading towards completion.

The completion of these two projects will provide maximum safety both to residents/tourists and infrastructure, particularly during the summer months.

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