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Rehabilitating the road to one of Greece’s key archaeological sites


The main visitor route to the World Heritage site of Delphi has been preserved by reinforcing the Amfissa National Road.

The rehabilitation of the National Road outside of Amfissa has helped to protect the route to one of the area’s key tourist sites: the sanctuary of the oracle at Delphi. Maccaferri’s Road Mesh® played an integral part in the project, by reinforcing and protecting the route for thousands of future visitors.

Leading to Delphi, one of Greece’s most important archaeological areas, the National Road passing Amfissa serves thousands of tourists each summer, all wanting to explore the ancient sanctuary of the oracle Pythia. In recent years, however, the road has shown significant signs of damage, caused by a steady stream of tourist vehicles and heavy traffic to nearby construction sites. To tackle this, Amfissa launched a major rehabilitation project to reinforce the National Road’s asphalt layer, protecting it from future damage and helping to prevent traffic accidents.

Nearly 6,000 m2 of our’s double-twisted wire Road Mesh® were applied to key sections of the National Road during the project. Engineered from heavily galvanised, corrosion-resistant steel, Road Mesh® is an ideal solution for the rehabilitation of urban and provincial roads, which frequently suffer from reflective cracks and surface damage.

The work, carried out by contractor PYRAMIS S.A.has increased the load-bearing capacity of the asphalt layer, and has helped to increase the overall lifespan of the road’s surface by reducing the initiation and propagation of cracks and deformations in the future.

Our’s specialised engineers provided key support to PYRAMIS S.A. throughout the project, making installation quick and simple. The reinforcement power of Road Mesh® will also help to lower the cost and frequency of future maintenance work on the National Road.

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