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Rock Fall Protection Netting
Steelgrid HR®

Rock Fall Protection Netting
Steelgrid HR® - Maccaferri Greece

Officine Maccaferri a group investing for over 130 years in innovation is now proud to present a unique series of products related to rock fall protection.

These uniaxial steel meshes STEELGRID®HR series can be used either as free meshes (simple drapery) or as fully anchored meshes (secured drapery).

STEELGRID®HR is usually placed along rocky slopes, the surface of which can come loose and cause problems to the infrastructure below the slopes. On very steep slopes or on almost vertical slopes, in cases where a simple drapery is selected, the mesh should be anchored at the top and the bottom of the slope. In cases a fully anchored mesh is selected, anchors are placed also in front. This allows the loose materials which are detached, to be driven safely to the bottom of the slope or to be trapped between the mesh and the slope’s surface. In every case the most appropriate method of facing a rock fall problem should be first checked and determined in the design phase.

STEELGRID®HR is a high tensile strength and high stiffness steel mesh, which combines the versatility of double twisted mesh (DT) and the excellent mechanical properties of wire ropes. Its tensile strength can exceed 180 ΚΝ/m. STEELGRID®HR is produced with an Galmac (Zn-Al alloy) Class A coating and is made of high strength steel wire ropes and double twisted wire mesh, which gives the product itself high tensile strength and very low elongation (nom. 6%). After research, Maccaferri is able to provide the market with STEELGRID®HR with additional PVC coating on the mesh and wire ropes, for much greater corrosion resistance in environments with strong corrosive character such as coastal areas, etc.

STEELGRID® HR is more than a material, it is a complete system. There are special high quality anchor plates for the mesh, which enhance the system stiffness, as well as special fasteners (HR links) connecting the rolls, either Galmac coated or stainless steel for greater corrosion resistance.

Finally, special clamps of forged carbon steel hot dipped galvanized are available, for the wire ropes placed on the top and the bottom of the slope, making the whole system a comprehensive permanent solution with high corrosion resistance.

The combination of the double twisted mesh and the wire ropes gives STEELGRID® HR two basic advantages. Due to the double twist, in case of a failure in one loop the mesh is not unraveled, the failure stops on the double twist. The second advantage is the low deformation that STEELGRID ®HR presents (6 %). This allows the designer / contractor to be able to place it close to infrastructure

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