Reno Mattress Plus

Reno Mattress Plus

#Reno Mattress Plus is the result of innovative experimental tests. A deeper understanding of the performance of the mattress enable us to make more cost-effective designs that gave to the Reno Mattress solution an increase competitiveness.

In application with high values of shear stress, #Reno Mattress Plus is over 73% more efficient than rip-rap.

This solution reduces environmental footprint of riverbank protection. This is due to savings of materials, transport. Furthermore, Reno Mattress Plus creates a natural habitat for living species, enhancing biodiversity through the protection of the benthos: the interstitial spaces of the mattress offer a habitat for species that live in the transition zone between water and land.

Finally, #Reno Mattress Plus is easier to install, even in steep slope conditions, thanks to its robust doble diaphragms which speed up its setup process.


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