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Introducing PoliMac®, our new advanced coating to enhance products performances


Maccaferri can now offer longer design life, reduced maintenance and lower environmental impact with its Polimac® product

Using new technologies, our team has invented a new polymer mixture that is able to withstand 100,000 cycles of abrasion – 10 times that of traditional polymer coatings when tested in accordance with international standards.

We recognise the world is changing and environmental conditions are becoming more aggressive. Not only the severity, but alsothe frequency of exposure is increasing. The engineering materials we supply must respond to the needs of a changing world by incorporating advanced technical characteristics. Indeed, today we need to take into account the fact that exposure and working conditions will become worse over the next few decades.

Have you ever considered this when you set out to design something? Do you take into account what the environmental conditions will be like after 120 years?

Eurocode 0 highlights the need to factor in expected environmental conditions. Designers should consider that climate change will continue to make environmental exposure more aggressive in the coming decades.

Clients are demanding greater resilience, better performance and more value than ever before. There is an increasing need for more robust solutions to address the worsening climate and operating conditions faced by civil engineering materials.

Since 1879, we have continuously improved our steel wire double twist mesh solutions. We have introduced better coatings to meet the evolution of demand in the market.

Now, to address the demands and further reduce the risk facing clients, Maccaferri has developed PoliMac®, a new polymeric coating for steel wire mesh products including Gabions, Reno Mattresses, Rockfall protection systems and soil reinforcement solutions.

Using a new polymer technology, PoliMac® coated products offer greater abrasion, better performance at low temperature, enhanced UV and chemical resistance compared to traditional polymer coated wire mesh products.

The result is that Gabion retaining walls will now last longer, Reno Mattress® hydraulic works will better resist higher abrasion from bed-loads within the river, Terramesh® soil reinforcement can be more widely used with increasingly aggressive fills and rockfall mitigation solutions will be able to last longer in coastal environments.

To cut a long story short, PoliMac® is a solution that is more resilient and durable, requiring less maintenance and so future-proofs clients against worsening environmental conditions.

PoliMac® presents five technical advancements:

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Resistance to Low Temperature
  • UV Resistance
  • Resistance to Installation Damage
  • Chemical Resistance

The mechanical and chemical properties of PoliMac® enable it to be used in the most aggressive environments and exposure conditions

Will you continue to use outdated technologies without considering the future?

In case you need further information about our new polymeric coating, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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