HELLOMAC: the new Maccaferri’s solution for making your Rockfall protections smarter

Today we’re proud to announce that we can provide our client with real-time connection to our rockfall protection systems thanks to HELLOMAC HELLOMAC is the alert system for safeguarding lives, infrastructures and buildings protected by any kind of barriers. It’s able to detect events (boulders, stresses, sagging, etc.) and sending real-time notifications via APP, email, SMS. Thanks to its compact and robust structure, made with a special metal… Read more »

“Cava De’Tirreni: An abandoned dump turned into a small green lung in the heart of Metelliana Valley”

Cava De’Tirreni 18/05/2022 In 2018, a significant environmental recovery and securing plan began for the former municipal landfill of Cava de’ Tirreni, abandoned for more than twenty years and now fully reintegrated into the surrounding landscape. Maccaferri significantly contributed to this important environmental requalification project. Just a few kilometres away from the Amalfi Coast – a tourist… Read more »

Reno Mattress Plus with X-Ties: innovation and eco-sustainability

Reno Mattress Plus with X-Ties: innovation and eco-sustainability 19/04/22 Maccaferri commitment in hydraulics started back in the 19th century. For over 140 years, we have developed solutions that enhance river ecosystem resilience including the social ability to recover quickly from catastrophic events. We did it from the very first application that we carried out in… Read more »