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New Geocells Application completed in Kallithea


A slope erosion problem solved by Maccaferri Geocells MacWeb.

At the side of a football field in Kallithea (region of Athens, Greece) a slope started to show erosion problems. The contractor which was awarded the project, TOMI S.A. (Ellaktor Group), had to solve this problem immediately as erosion was advancing fast.

They contacted their designers GEOTERRA, who proposed geocells as the most suitable solution, due to the fact that the inclination of the slope was quite high. Also, because of the nature of the project (a football field), due consideration was given to another important parameter, the necessary presence of vegetation in the facing.

So according to this parameter a three dimensional Geogrid could not be applied in this case. As there was a lot of space at the base of the slope Geocells MacWeb 2015.3 were chosen as the most suitable material. Maccaferri Hellas provided the material to MARAGAKIS VEGETATED PROJECTS S.A., subcontractor of TOMI S.A. Geocells were built from the base of the slope to the upper part, in order to form a vegetated facing of the slope and offer an additional protection due to the natural ground’s forces developed behind the geocells.

The total quantity of the geocells which was used for the construction of this wall is 7.009 m2.

The highest point of the wall reached the height of 11m, while the depth in some positions reached between 2m and 3m.

Maccaferri always tries to solve the multiple problems that occur to the infrastructure by providing the most environmental friendly solutions. Revegetation is one of the most important parameters for the slopes and Maccaferri is able to provide it with 3 dimensional Geomats or Geocells as in this application.

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