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Maccaferri tackles the issue of road safety

road safety

Engineers from the largest Greek design offices receive a presentation from Maccaferri on pavement reinforcement solutions

Serious road accidents occur every year due to poor roadway maintenance. To address this issue, Maccaferri Hellas organized a technical presentation on pavement reinforcement for engineers of the largest Greek design offices. The presentation was given by Mr. Pietro Pezzano, our Technical Specialist for Geosynthetics and Road Reinforcement Applications.

The solutions suggested by Maccaferri Hellas included pavement reinforcement systems, such as Road Mesh, MacGrid and MacDrain, which reduce whole life costs and extend fatigue life of the pavement through effective reinforcement and structure drainage.

Road Mesh is a double twist steel wire mesh used within the upper asphalt layers, for the structural reinforcement of the pavement, providing the highest level of protection against rutting, shoving, fatigue, thermal reflection and settlement cracking.

MacGrid AR is a geogrid made from glassfibre (or polyester) woven together in a grid configuration, which is then coated. It is used to reduce reflective cracking in overlays and to increase the performance of the upper asphalt layers.

MacDrain is our range of drainage geocomposites. This solution is often used in highway applications to provide long-term reliable drainage capacity. The pavement structure can be weakened by water within, beneath and adjacent to it. MacDrain controls and reduces this water.

Our innovation stems from a strategic factor: knowledge. This knowledge and research at some of the foremost institutions has contributed to the design of our MacREAD software, which enables our engineers to provide cost effective and optimised solutions for our clients’.

Maccaferri Hellas has the technical expertise and experience, and the software to assist designers with pavement reinforcement issues, providing them with high quality environmentally friendly products.

To learn more about our products or to arrange a technical seminar in your design office, do not hesitate to contact us.

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