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Maccaferri Hellas closely follows extension plans for Attica Ring Road roadworks

Attica Ring Road roadworks

Maccaferri’s solutions were successfully used in the previous developments on the Attica Ring Road

The new plans for the extension of the Attica Ring Road are being examined after six years of inactivity. In a meeting between HELLASTRON (HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF TOOL ROAD NETWORK) and the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Infrastructure Planning Director presented the future extension plans of the Attica Ring Road network. Maccaferri is able to provide a wide range of high-quality products and solutions to help the designers and engineers involved in the project.

Attica Tollway is a modern motorway which constitutes the 70km long ring road of the greater metropolitan area of Athens and the backbone of the road network of the Attica Prefecture. It is an urban motorway, with two separate carriageways, each consisting of 3 lanes and an emergency lane (hard shoulder). The suburban railway of Athens has been constructed in the central reservation of the motorway. Attica Tollway constitutes a unique piece of infrastructure, even in European terms, since it is essentially a closed toll motorway, within a metropolitan capital, where the problem of traffic congestion is acute.

According to the latest information, the road networks to be extended are:

  • Hymettus Regional Road with the completion of an urban tunnel from Kareas Avenue to Vouliagmenis Avenue (approximately 3 km)
  • Construction of a new road from Koropi to Lavrio
  • Kimis Avenue up to the National Highway with the construction of an urban tunnel (approximately 3 km)
  • Spata area to Marathonos Avenue

Of the above-mentioned proposals, all the extensions are at a mature stage, except the urban tunnel in the Hymettus Regional Road.

Maccaferri Hellas was actively involved in the original construction of the main section of the Attica Ring Road when we provided our double twist gabions to form retaining walls, which offered flexibility, strength and high drainage capacity.

Now we are closely following the project progress in order to help the designers and the project contractors by providing a wide range of high-quality products and solutions such as gabions for the construction of retaining structures, rockfall protection meshes and dynamic barriers, and steel fibres for fibre reinforced concrete in tunnels.

What is important is that all the environmental studies should be submitted by 2019, so the five-year work program should be completed by 2024. The concession period of Attica Ring Road will also expire in 2024.

Maccaferri Hellas stands ready to offer technical and cost effective solutions to this and other important infrastructure projects. Do not hesitate to contact us through our support page.

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