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Maccaferri designs and protects infrastructure from rock falls

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Maccaferri designs and protects buildings in a private mine with Steelgrid HR.

As we are not only a production and selling company but also a solution provider we would like to share our new case history for a simple drapery project for which we worked closely with the designer.

The problem occured in the area of Mantoudi, on Evoia Island. Some very serious problems appeared as the buildings of a plant were in danger due to a series of minor failures, including sliding failures and loss of individual rocky blocks. The situation was very urgent due to the fact that the plant was in operation and the lives of the working staff were daily exposed to high risk.
The Plant Manager deemed that the threat to the people and buildings was unacceptable, and needed a solution as soon as possible. He turned to his cooperating designer, Mr Ilias Sotiropoulos, for the most suitable and safest solution. The designer contacted Maccaferri Hellas and our technical department, using our MacRO rockfal mitigation design software, focused on reducing the risk of the falling rocks.
Maccaferri Hellas worked closely with the designing office Sotiropoulos Ilias and Associates as well as with Maccaferri’s HQ Technical Department, in order to optimise the solution, selecting from the range of Maccaferri rockfall mitigation systems.
It was decided that Steelgrid HR 100 was the most appropriate material as it is a high strength mesh with high stiffness (low displacement). Steelgrid HR is suitable for a broad range of applications from high strength rock fall protection draperies to low-deflection pinned drapery installations and soil slope stabilization. In this case the application was a simple drapery.
In May 2015 the Steelgrid HR 100 was installed, delivering the required safety to the plant staff.
The mesh was installed with anchors with 3m length. The benefits of Steelgrid HR include no requirement for the overlapping of mesh panels and no need to “pretension” the mesh to remove elasticity or deformation in the mesh. These advantages made Steelgrid HR 100 rapid to install, simple and a cost effective option for this project.
Download the case history present at this link.

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