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The Ionian Motorway Is One Step Closer to Completion

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Maccaferri products are used to improve safety and reduce travel time on latest 37 km stretch of motorway

Several of our high-quality products are being used to construct the Ionian Motorway; one of the most challenging infrastructure projects in Greece. A 37 km section was recently opened and the remaining sections should be completed in the next few months. The main project contractor is TERNA S.A.

The Ionian Motorway is one of the most challenging construction projects in Greece. It spans a large part of Western Greece and it is located at the foothills of the Pindus mountain range. When completed, it will be 196km long and will reduce travel times between Antirrion and Ioannina to 1 hour and 40 minutes, from 3 hours and 30 minutes.

A 37 km long section from Klokova to Kefalovriso was opened on April 12th 2017. With 2 tunnels (2.9 and 1.24 km long) and 4 new bridges, the most important of which being in Evinos River (260 m long with its foundations going as deep as 35 m), the new motorway section delivers improved safety and reduced travelling time for commuters.

According to the latest information from the Greek Ministry of Infrastructures, the pending motorway sections should be opened over the next few months.

To date, we are one of the key suppliers of this project. We have already supplied:

  • GalMac® coated Gabions for retaining structures
  • Our MSE Terramesh System® and MacGrid® WG, T55 & T20 geogrids for the construction of reinforced embankments
  • GalMac® coated Reno Mattresses®, to protect slopes from erosion
  • GalMac® coated steel cables and heavily galvanized nets with corrosion protected anchors for rockfall protection.

In addition to supplying our products, we provided our expert knowledge to the designers of this project, so that a high-level of road safety could be assured by our technical solutions.

For further information about our solutions, please contact us.

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