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The importance of revegetation of exposed and vulnerable slopes and environmental protection


The revegetation of exposed and vulnerable slopes is not only aesthetically more pleasing but ecologically better by reducing environmental impact.

Maccaferri recognizes the importance of revegetation of soil slopes and rockfall protection systems providing solutions that reduce at the same time both the danger and the environmental impact of an intervention. Vegetation and, if required, surface strengthening, support the recovery of the slope, reducing erosion run-off causing slope face degradation. If allowed to continue, this erosion run-off can pollute watercourses and can lead to slope failures.

A new case history from our colleagues in Maccaferri China has strong relevance for Greece as well. The Chinese company Jinyuan Cements Co. Ltd of Huzhu County, Guizhou, recognized their erosion problem and requested technical support from Maccaferri China. Maccaferri proposed an armoured revegetation solution on the problem slope within the limestone mine in Jinyuan County, Qinghai. Maccaferri double twist mesh rockfall protection netting (8×10 type) was used as a surface stabilization solution, in conjunction with the ecological sprayed profile hydromulch.

The combination of the two products enabled the rapid revegetation of the slopes within the mine. The establishing vegetation then serves to bind the vulnerable topsoil together and protects it from rainfall impacts.

The protection of the environment has been a Maccaferri Corporate’s goal since Maccaferri first offered hydraulic works solutions and erosion protection solutions over 100 years ago. We will update our learned Greek clients with more information on this project soon.

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