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Our solid experience in river training can be put into anti-flooding design and emergency works

A flash flood caused by heavy rain hit the Attica prefecture in mid-November. The towns of Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara were the most affected. The flood killed 22 people and caused destruction. People are still trying to recover and free their properties from mud and debris. Maccaferri is already in contact with the local Authorities, as winter has started and measures must be taken to avoid similar events.

This disaster highlighted the huge need for anti-flooding design and river training works in the Attica Prefecture. These circumstances were also the result of covered waterways and absence of vegetation on the nearby mountains, such as the Pateras Mountain, which had been hit by destructive fires. Accordingly, the absence of vegetation has caused heavy soil erosion during rainfall.

To avoid similar events in the future, our expertise could be put at the service of designers and local Authorities to create technically sound river training works. In addition, our high-quality products could be used to create projects that will last in time. Our experience in hydraulic works started in the 1890s and we now possess a solid expertise in the protection and training of rivers and streams.

For demanding, high energy flows, our Reno Mattresses and gabions have always been the main component of any river works structure such as weirs, groynes, sills and energy dissipation basins. These installations demand robust, long-lasting, reliable solutions.

As these interventions take time to be implemented, rapidly deployable barriers such as FlexMac® DT, are a useful defence against rising water when flooding is inevitable. FlexMac® DT can temporarily increase the capacity of a water course by raising the banks, repair breaches, or can be erected around facilities or infrastructure to protect them. Preventing a watercourse from overtopping and flooding in the first place, through good river channel design and the inclusion of appropriate hydraulic works, is the best starting point.

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