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Asphalt Reinforcement on the E75 Motorway

asphalt pavement reinforcement

Our technical team provided assistance for the installation of Road Mesh L in the Molos area, Prefecture of Fthiotida

Last month, our technical team visited a jobsite on the E75 Athens-Thessaloniki Motorway, in the Molos area, Prefecture of Fthiotida to supervise and help during the installation of our asphalt reinforcement solution, Road Mesh L. The contract for the supply of our Road Mesh L had already been signed at the end of 2016.

The rehabilitation of the E75 Motorway is a joint venture between DomotechnikiERETBOETBO and the sub-contractor Stereodomi S.A.

Our technical team, headed by Mr Pietro Pezzano, Maccaferri’s Technical Expert on asphalt pavement reinforcement, visited the jobsite located in the Molos area. The area has a high water table and there are a number of hot springs. Moreover, the embankments are founded on alluvial deposits. For these reasons, differential settlements are a frequent and an expected phenomenon which cause cracks in the surface of the road.

The installation of our Road Mesh L was chosen as a solution to this problem to avoid accidents caused by poor road maintenance and, secondly, to increase the speed limit from 90 km/h to 100 km/h.

12,000 m2 of Road Mesh L was used for this project.

The advantages of using Road Mesh L are:

  • pavement deformations are limited to a minimum
  • the tensile stresses are absorbed by the reinforcing mesh beneath the asphalt layers
  • asphalt aggregates are locked into the mesh openings ensuring good load transfer
  • increase of pavement design life (by 1.5 to 3 times)

Maccaferri can help the designers working on roadwork projects by providing them with high quality products such as Road Mesh, MacGrid, and MacDrain. To read more click here to download our case history.

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