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Application of Geosynthetics
 in the Road Works Design and Construction

Application of Geosynthetics
in the Road Works Design and Construction

Dear partners,
Ιn the context of updates from our company about the new technologies and products of the international OFFICINE MACCAFERRI Group, we would like to present applications and products, such as Geosynthetics and double twisted steel mesh which can be used in the road works construction sector.

Pavement reinforcement with ROADMESH ® (steel mesh) (1,2,3 images) can increase pavement lifetime by reducing “fatigue” cracking, “reflective” cracking, “heat” cracking and cracks caused by sedimentation.

The concentrated forces in a bitumen layer can be distributed by reinforcement resulting:

-The pavement behavior changes concerning cracks:

– Late crack start

– Limited crack growth

– Wider crack distance

– Lower cracking thickness

– Cracks stop on the mesh

• Lateral containment function

– Reduction of rutting

– Small effect on modulus in short time

– Direct connection to the asphalt.

The final result of using ROADMESH ® is either to reduce the thickness of the asphalt layer or to be able to increase the pavement lifetime.

MACCAFERRI uses the latest design methodology software in order to optimize the reinforcement and the required pavement thickness.

So if a reinforced pavement requires less maintenance, then the total cost during pavement lifetime is clearly lower.

It is noted that pavement steel mesh reinforcement has been included in the New Greek public articles, specifically article D-11 “Galvanized pavement reinforcement steel mesh, with tensile strength 40 kN/m in both directions”

A road sub-base is actually a system which distributes the forces of the wheel loads on the foundation soil. In case the forces are not properly distributed and they are propagated in a loose soil foundation, then there is a serious probability of failure in the construction for one or more of the following reasons:

· Application of one concentrated load which exceeds the bearing capacity of the foundation.

· Accumulation of the small permanent deformations (due to the plastic elongation), which in total cause extensive sedimentation incompatible to road operation.

· Big deformations due to shear failure of the structure.

The inclusion of a properly selected reinforcing geogrid inside the pavement base, enables reduction of thickness of the aggregate materials.

Therefore Geosynthetics improve pavement base performance by means of:

· Lateral limitation of the aggregates

· Stress distribution

· Effect of “tensioned membrane”

· Separation effect.

Using reinforcement (geogrid MACGRID WG and EG) inside the sub-base we can reduce the thickness of the required layer of aggregates by 1/3.

The advantages are many, such as cost reduction, shorter construction time, reduced delivered cost of the manufacturing materials and consequently environmental contamination reduction.

It is noted that the reinforcement geogrids are described in the new road invoices in the article Β-12 “Geogrids reinforced embankments”.

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