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New case history Rockfall protection over Gotsatlinskaya hydropower plant pit

Rockfall protection over Gotsatlinskaya hydropower plant pit.

Rockfall protection over Gotsatlinskaya Hydropower Plant Pit (HPP) is one of the most relevant and impressive projects by Maccaferri Russia.

RusHydro has recently commissioned Gotsatlinskaya HPP in Dagestan, the largest hydropower plant at the moment entirely built in the post-Soviet era.

On October 1, 2015, the HPP began to work on the wholesale electricity market, , with a relevant development of the electricity market conditions.

Gotsatlinskaya HPP is located 43 km from the mouth of Avar Koisu River, slightly above the confluence of the largest tributary, Kara Koisu River. Its design capacity is 100 MW, and its average annual production is 350 million kWh.

Gotsatlinskaya HPP building is located under a steep slope of intensely fractured rock, so Maccaferri has proposed a comprehensive solution for protection of the HPP building against rockfalls and landslides; thus, the system of simple drapery Steelegrid HR 150 and dynamic barriers RMC 100/A had been installed to this purpose.

Steelgrid is a high strength, high stiffness steel geocomposite combining the versatility and practical benefits of double twist mesh with the exceptional stiffness and mechanical durability of high tensile steel cables. The steel cables are integrally woven into the double twist mesh during manufacturing, forming a single, easy to deploy product.

Dynamic Rockfall barriers have been certified in the GOST R system as a whole design, and received a Technical Certificate of Ministry of construction of Russia, where they are marked 'RMC barriers'. All barriers are manufactured at the plant in Kurgan on the specification 1275-008-42873191-2012.

Rockfall barriers are supplied in kit form/design. All components are supplied: catching mesh panel, rack, base plate Foundation, Foundation elements and anchor, brake devices, ropes and rigging details.

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