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Our solution allowed to reinforce the slopes of 9-storey house height at the Amur gas processing plant


Reinforced geomats were used to protect the 26-meter railway embankment connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway with the Amur GPP construction site.

Protection of embankments and natural slopes from wind and rain erosion is one of critical tasks in railway and road construction. For slopes reinforcement the vegetation cover alone may be insufficient, since it is not always possible to achieve dense and uniform greensward of the slope. Polypropylene anti-erosion geomats enable effective reinforcement of slopes. This solution was used to protect the slopes of the Amur gas processing plant.

Reinforced geomat was used for the slope stabilization along the railway tracks from the station of Ust-Pera of the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Amur gas processing plant construction site. It is the largest Russian enterprise and one of the biggest facilities in the world.

The height of the railway embankment is 26 meters. The length of the slope exceeds 50 meters. The railway is designed to transport equipment and materials to the gas processing plant, and, subsequently, finished products from the plant.

To ensure the stability of such slopes along the railway, it took 640,000 m2 of reinforced geomat. The geomat MacMat is a three-dimensional panel of polypropylene fibers tangled together and forming a highly elastic layer of high porosity. Thanks to this structure, the plants' roots sprout through it. Tangled with the material's fibers they form complex structure that stabilizes the topsoil. Then the roots’ deepening stabilizes the subsoil.

Railways slopes are stabilized with MacMat reinforced with double twisted steel wire meshMacMat R. The steel wire mesh of the geomat has additional PVC coating that protects the wire from the chemical and biological effects of the environment. This structure can be applied even on slopes with rocky-landslide areas. It is durable, cost effective from both construction and operation points of view.

The material to the construction site is supplied in rolls. Before delivery, each product batch passes a thorough laboratory control at the Maccaferri factory in Zaraysk, where the product is manufactured.

The geomats at the construction site are installed by the JSC NIPIGAZ. The roll's weight allows its installation without special equipment, so the material is placed by 4–5 people team at the site. The standard width of a rolled material is two meters when the roll length is up to 75 running meters. This ensures quick covering of large areas. Well-organized work process allows installing 3 to 5 thousand m2 per shift depending on the slope length.

For germination of plant roots through the geomat, at the stage of dumping vegetable soil, hydroseeding is used. For rapid germination of vegetation, it is desirable to install the material at moderate temperature. Covered with soil layer, the geomat is resistant to frost and endures 25 cycles of frosting/defrosting.

After installation, reinforced geomats protect open areas of soil from water and wind erosion, prevent leaching of seeds of topsoil, strengthen the root system and improve soil adhesion.

Watch the video with the slopes reinforcement with MacMat R geomats along the railroad tracks at the Amur Gas Processing Plant.

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