Our E-EXBOLT is a rock bolt for use in (but not limited to):
- Mining applications such as hanging wall and roof bolting
- Tunnelling applications such as radial systematic bolting
- Rock slope stabilisation
It is made of a welded metallic tube, longitudinally crimped (folded in on itself) and sealed at one end. The bolt is expanded inside a pre-drilled borehole using a high pressure water flow from a pump. The installation process is easy and very similar to other rock bolts. This makes E-EXBOLT readily usable by all operators.

E-EXBOLT provides the following advantages:
- Bonding to the rock results from the friction which is formed between the expanded bolt and the rock
- Friction bolts can be subjected to the full load directly after they have been positioned and are immediately able to absorb rock movements
- Bearing force is applied along the complete length of the inserted bolt

E-EXBOLT friction bolts supplied in steel grade S355 MC.

Important note: The Bekaert-Maccaferri joint venture: In October 2014, we entered into a global sales and distribution JV with Bekaert. The resulting joint venture, BekaertMaccaferri Underground Solutions will serve underground construction markets on a worldwide basis, except in mainland China and Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, where Bekaert and Maccaferri will continue to operate independently.

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